Tax Tables & Rate Calculators for Australia

We have provided some important tables and calculators, these are all made available by the ATO (Australian Tax office), ATO calculators, per km motor vehicle rates, GST thresholds, resident individual rates, status of individuals, superannuation compliance, company tax rate table and travel allowances.

ATO CalculatorsATO

Various calculators & tools provided by the Australian Tax office. Please contact SNS Accounting if you would like any assistance with using these calculators and tools … Find Out More

Per Km Motor Vehicle RatesPer Km Motor
Vehicle Rates

These rates are used by individuals when making a claim for motor vehicle expenses up to a maximum of 5,000 business kilometres. They are also used by employers when … Find Out More

GST ThresholdsGST

Goods and services tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on the sale of most goods and services and other things in Australia. GST is charged at each step in the supply chain … Find Out More

Resident Individual RatesResident
Individual Rates

These rates apply to individuals who are residents of Australia for tax purposes. If you want to know how much your employer (or other payer) is required to withhold from payments to you … Find Out More

Status of IndividualsStatus of

Determining a worker’s status depends upon the terms and conditions under which work is performed. The ATO has published a useful Guide to assist businesses in the Building … Find Out More


Income received, including capital gains and employer contributions and the deductible portion of self employed contributions are taxed at the rate of 15%. Funds are entitled to … Find Out More

Company Tax Rate TableCompany Tax
Rate Table

The rates of tax for all companies and some association outlines. Companies are required to maintain a franking account on a tax paid basis and are not entitled to a refund … Find Out More

Travel AllowancesTravel

Where an employee, company director or office holder receives an allowance for travel costs within Australia and the person makes a claim for the cost of accommodation … Find Out More

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